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Our one and only thought is to create and build emotions, we believe them to be the engine of all human actions.  They push us to move, spend, cry and laugh.  We have gained enough experience that enables us to say what gratifies and fulfils the natural search of positive  emotional sensations which are embedded in each and everyone of us.  Many events have seen us behind the scenes  as “ The  Protagonists”, our emotions in giving everyone the possibility not only to take part but to be actors in the event, they themselves are our lights, sounds and perfumes.

Our desire is to allow others to experience and enjoy this, our entrepreneurial reality is becoming stronger, maybe because of the uniqueness of our project and due to of  series of very successful events to be proud of.  It’s necessary to explain the reason why we would like to establish our future activity in Miami.

In Miami there’s the right America for us, the best place that will acknowledge and understand the message we want to transmit, the fact that it isn’t very American , Miami is the most fertile base to start investing in all that is recreational and beautiful.  The vast frequency of European tourists makes it very open, tolerant and entertaining.  This city evokes positivity and we could not think of any other place other than Miami.

We would like to use these unquestionable opportunities of this marvellous territory to express our unusual and non unimaginative Italian manner.  It isn’t easy to avoid the stale, pathetic and repetitive trap, which we have carefully valued which errors not to commit, we are aware that there is a certain amount of weariness due to the extremely nauseating Italian imagine which has slowly entered into various sectors of communication.

A total combination of food and art in their various forms, environment creations, a sort of personalised forge of taste, visual fulfilment, sensations and style at everyone’s disposal.  Everyone will be able to take home with them through us, something truly Italian, the most authentic and appropriate term of Italian art, bringing together food, wine, music, lights and why not, even a centrepiece. Everything must be of the maximum quality, down to the smallest detail.  How much is there of us in rendering simply unique what is in reality made up surprisingly of simple elements?  How much knowledge and culture is necessary to create what appears on our tables everyday?  All are of extreme value.

Our proposal is divided into several levels, offering our services based on the budget, which of course can be different but always maintaining a high quality of standard.